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In the midst of this holiday season, we take the time to celebrate the good: family, friends, business and the thoughts of improving on the prior year.  This is a time when many will put aside differences and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Before we blink the holidays will be a fleeting memory, and many will return to the work ahead. Good thoughts and wishes will be replaced with disdain and anger over something someone did or did not do, such as a failure to do something promised, failure to pay for a good or service rendered, or a realization that you were lied to in the course of a transaction. There are instances where the filing of a complaint is necessary, sometimes even utilizing an expedited court procedure to protect your interests from those seeking to harm you, financially or otherwise.

Before you jump into the litigation fray, take a moment. Understand the consequences of a filing, from both a financial and personal standpoint.  A lawsuit can cost tens of thousands of dollars with no guarantee that you will get what you’re looking for with the filing.  Similarly, the time involved in a lawsuit (away from your work and family) and the associated stress can be just as draining as the financial costs.  Take the time to think about what you want to do and talk with your lawyer about the entirety of the process.  Often times, a lawyer can work with you to resolve the issues without the need for a filing with the court.  

The Law Offices of Barry M. Bordetsky represents customers and industry representatives in FINRA arbitrations as well as litigants before state and federal courts. If you have questions about an issue you are involved with, please contact Barry Bordetsky at (800) 998-7705 or email barry@bordetskylaw.com.